Spring Break Is Cancelled

Many of us have had our vacations turned upside down, or cancelled. We got a taste of really nice weather a couple weeks ago which probably got everyone in the mood to travel and now everything is shutdown. Our trips may be cancelled, but the course is still open. The golf course is your perfect place for social distancing. We are also making every effort to keep the place clean inside and outside. Flagsticks are being wiped down as are steering wheels of the golf carts. We may even take additional measures, so that no one will have to touch the flagsticks or cups.

Who got out to golf on our amazingly early season open? It was great to have some weather finally work in our favor and get people out on the course in the beginning of March. We had 80+ golfers on that first Sunday! For now only the original 18 holes are open for play, but the rest of the course will be opening soon. There were a couple of projects that needed done to ensure the safety of our members, and also make sure carts can get around.

This week we have worked hard to completing those projects. The washed out path in the field between BK 8 and BK 9 has been fixed and we are hoping that we have that issue resolved. The path has been extended on BK 10 to the end of the tee boxes so that carts can get through the wet area. We are also adding a path over the hill between BK 11 and BK 12. This will allow us to keep these holes open when the course floods back in that area.

What does BK mean? I know some of you are thinking that right about now. BK means Biggs-Kreigh. That is the name of the 18 hole course. The 9 hole executive course is named Majorki. So you may hear me referring to those holes as M1 or Maj 1.

2020 is throwing some real uppercuts at us right now, but it will pass. So make sure to come visit us, play a round, and also place an order upstairs to take home from the Double Eagle Clubhouse Grille as we want to make sure we help local small businesses stay afloat.

“I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s game. It’s called an eraser.” -Arnold Palmer

1 thought on “Spring Break Is Cancelled

  1. very insightful and well done . thanks for the update; very appreciated PDJ


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