Winter is Coming

Just like that, the 2019 season is coming to an end. As we get closer to mid-November, looks like our first snowfall of the season and temperatures beginning to stay steady in the “screw this I”m not going outside” digits. With that being said, let’s take a look back at this year.

The season started off as one of the wettest springs that most people can remember. The wetness started last November and didn’t dry up until late May. The rain ended up pushing everything back. So therefore, it took us longer to catch up on the existing part of the course to make sure it was playable and in great shape for play. But also set us back working on the new holes.

Besides our normal day to day work, we tried adding some additional projects and we have more planned for the years to come. We gave the front of the pro shop a new face lift, and will continue to add a few more features. Hopefully some new drainage in the practice area, a tree being cut down, and more space made for carts. With there being new holes and a new configuration of existing holes, new signs were put in place as well as stone placed in an area so that the signs, trash cans, and ball washers will be in one easy to find location. At this time not all of the ball washers are in the new areas, but will be moved next spring.

A couple projects for next year include adding some pull-off areas near greens to allow carts to move around easier. Looking to make a new path going from #11 green to the forward tees on #12. That way when the back tee is flooded, we still have a way to navigate back there without creating a mess. Also on the list is to make a bentgrass nursery in the open space right of the tees on hole #6. Once this nursery is in place, it will allow us to fix areas of the greens efficiently.

One of my main focuses this year was to try and keep our greens as healthy as possible. Many of the greens made great progress this year, and will continue to next year as well. Some of the greens are almost all the way back to being full, and I have a few more options to try out next season to keep our greens heading in the right direction. Besides greens, tee boxes have also been a big discussion. We started our tee renovation projects last fall with the big tee box for #1. We also have planned fixing the big tee boxes on #2 (old #11) and #14 (old #17). Those were in the works for this fall, but with the Fall Classic being pushed back, we didn’t feel we had enough time to put in our best effort at renovating those tee boxes. Instead we went a different route and starting working on gold and red tee boxes on a few holes. The goal is to provide bigger, flatter areas for those tees. We haven’t gotten to all of the ones on the list. But like I said at the beginning of the season, it’s not all going to happen at once. It’s going to take a few years and be a continuing effort to get Cross Creek to a place that everyone will want to come to play.

Greens are aerified, fairways and tees are fertilized, and irrigation is blown out. Looks like the season has come to an end. So do the smart thing, put the clubs away and take your wife out for a lovely date.

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