Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Where did the past two months go?! Last thing I remember was it wouldn’t stop raining, and now we are closing in on our City Championship next weekend with school right around the corner. A lot has been happening, and you are probably wondering what or why things are happening. Well some cooler temps have moved in and it has given me some time to answer a few questions…Let’s turn to the phone lines.

Johnny from Sioux City, Iowa…”I noticed when I am putting that there are these tiny grooves in the greens. What is that from?”

Those lines are from verticutting. Instead of using a reel that cuts the grass horizontally, we use units that have a bunch of vertical blades and can cut into the surface a little bit. This allows us to remove unwanted thatch. Gives turf roots better access to oxygen, water, and nutrients. Promotes water conservation by ensuring that moisture supplied to turf actually reaches the roots. Overall it helps improve the health of the greens. We are also looking to try and verticut fairways, although with our equipment it could take a month to complete that project.

Kiersten from Chandler, Arizona…”Are the darker green spots on the greens meaning that those spots are healthier?’

Actually, it is the total opposite. Those are spots where there were unfixed ball marks or improperly fixed ball marks. There are quite a bit of those spots, right Kiersten?! The reason they are green is because we are adding turf paint to our sand to fix the spots instead of spending lots and lots of money on green sand. It is a method we will have to keep testing so that we can try to match the color of our greens as close as we can. So in the meantime, fix those ball marks.

Donald from Wichita, Kansas…”You ever going to do something about that brown streak through 8 green?”

We did Donald. Even though grass was starting to grow back, and it didn’t have an effect on you missing that 20 foot putt. We aerified that strip, and then seeded it and sanded it. So in the meantime, please do not walk on it, or mess with the sand using your putter. There is a yellow rope going right down the middle of it, please do not mess with the rope, it will not be the reason you missed the putt.

Jack from Paulding, Ohio…”I hear you are opening the new course soon.”

Jack, I’m not sure who you have been talking to, but at the moment there is no set date. With a very wet winter and spring, our work was delayed as we had to get the actual course up and playable for everyone. Not only are we trying to grow grass on an impossible clay surface, we are battling a lot of issues from the construction phase that we were dealt. I know people are excited and anxious, but I want to make sure we are giving you a product that makes you want to come time and time again from Ohio to play our course. In the mean time, We have been trying to use some of the new par 3s in some events, and we hope you are enjoying them.

That’s the end of the show, I want to thank everyone that keeps choosing to play Cross Creek. I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces daily and I hope they keep returning. The course still has a long ways to go until I’m satisfied but I feel that it is improving weekly.

“There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus


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