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The reasoning behind this turf blog is that I want our members to have as much knowledge as possible when it comes to the course. Have more of an understanding of what is going on, and why something is going on. That is why I installed a weather station atop the maintenance shop recently. Not only will I be able to keep tabs on what is happening at the course, So will everyone else. The new weather station automatically uploads it’s information to the wunderground (weather underground) website. Now members can have a little more of an understanding of why we are on cart paths only, or perhaps closed. “Why is the course closed? It is sunny, and 75 degrees!”…..Well umm, that 3 inches of rain overnight left the fairways full of water, and the greens heavily saturated.

If you are interested in seeing information from the weather station, click the following link:Cross Creek Weather Station

If you were out golfing this week, you may have noticed a lovely mess going on behind 17 green. We are working on widening that cart path area. That area of the course is highly congested, and with the new holes coming in a couple of months, the traffic will be even heavier right there. For now we are just placing stone so that we can figure out if we need to add more space or keep it how it is before we decide to pour new concrete.

Just a heads up that next week I will be starting to hit the greens hard. We will be topdressing, fertilizing, and giving them a spray. With some warmer weather, the greens should start to perk up and the aerification holes should start to fill in.

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