Winter Workshop

As the new year starts, old man winter is slowly creeping in to settle for the next couple of months. What will we be doing over the next couple months? Mostly card tricks…Just kidding. Today we just completed the yearly maintenance on our golf cart fleet. All 60 carts have had an oil change and gas tanks stabilized. The next shop project will entail us taking apart every reel unit so that we can grind all 30+ reels so that they will be sharp and ready for the spring.

Outside projects have been a little slow. The winter has been exactly like all of 2018. Wet, wet, wet. We have been able to get some of the new bunkers filled with sand, but are still waiting for the remaining bunkers to get drainage put in and carved out. The big winter project of clearing out trees and underbrush all along the out-of-bounds edge is slowly being done. The chainsaw has been running, but with all the rain it is too soft to haul out everything that is cut down at the moment. Hopefully when the ground freezes we can really start hitting that project hard. We are hoping that by clearing this tree line, it will help improve air movement on hole 6. Giving us a healthier green we can maintain, and helping to dry out the fairway quicker after rainfall.

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